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The Story

If you take sports seriously, you won’t miss a single training session. Sports are your life, and your body, the secret power that makes you feel good and look great. As an athlete, you know that to achieve great results, it’s not enough to train hard. You must also maintain a healthy diet and fuel your body up with energy the right way. That’s how you keep and even boost your already high performance levels.

Athletes adhere to sound nutritional regimes and allin is all about sports nutrition. Our team of experts, backed by the latest research, meticulously develops the precise formulations required for intense physical activity, and in the most surprising flavors. Because true athletes should never have to compromise. Not even on food.


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Our Products

allin is the leading sports nutrition brand in Israel. We’ve achieved this status thanks to years of research and development work that helped us understand what athletes like you really need.

You must have variety.

Just as in a training routine, our products also come in series:

Protein Snacks – which can replace a full meal

Protein Powders – help you feel satiated and recover faster

Nutritional Supplements – increase muscle mass and help improve fitness in the long run

Energy Powders and Gel Drinks – that provide sugar, balance the amount of fluid in the body and help produce energy for the body to burn

Whey Isolate Protein Drinks – To supplement your daily protein intake throughout the day. We also make vegan products!

You demand quality.

allin products have high amounts of protein (18 to 37 grams) and a low sugar value, so you can rest assured that each bite contains only what you need.

Don’t compromise on texture or taste.

Our innovative technology allows us to produce snacks with light textures and flavors so rich you won’t believe them. So much so that soon you too will be allin!


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About Meditrend - The Makers of allin

Meditrend has been marketing a wide range of leading innovative products since 1988, addressing a variety of needs for people who wish to live healthy, active lifestyles. We firmly believe that everyone deserves to enjoy food that’s rich in protein, low in sugar, delicious and readily available. We have over 25 years of experience in developing dietary supplements, over a decade in sports nutrition, an exclusive network of relationships with major suppliers of the best raw materials in the USA and Europe, as well as a regiment of nutritionists, dieticians, consultants and food experts. 

Made for the most demanding palates, our recipes are based on a natural Mediterranean cuisine. All our products are kosher, fully compliant with the strict requirements of Jewish dietary laws. They’re rich in high-quality proteins, with no sugar added. Last but not least—their flavor and feel are sheer pleasure to indulge in. Just taste them and see for yourselves. 

Quality is a Priority

Meditrend has been certified as meeting the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard, which defines a quality management system focused on customer satisfaction and constant improvement of operational efficiency.

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