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A patented Capsicum Extract Capsimax® encapsulated in OmniBead™ Beadlet Technology

together with Caffeine & Piperine.


Using one capsule 30 minutes prior to exercising may enhance your training performance.


How does it work?

The formula Increases the release of free fatty acids and their exploitation as a source of energy in the body.

Increases energy expenditure during training and after.

Enhances Aerobic Performance.


Active Ingredients:

Capsimax® – Enhances fatty acids release for energy generation and energy expenditure.

Caffeine – Increases energy expenditure,  enhances performance & reduces fatigue during training.

Piperine – Optimizes energetic expenditure.


A study examining the combination of Capsimax® with other thermogenic supplements such as pepper extract (piperine), niacin and caffeine showed a 3-4% increase in energy expenditure during training, a  7-9% increase in energy expenditure after training and an increase in maximal aerobic capacity of 3-5%.



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