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The Black Series

The ideal snack series for you not only because of the crazy variety of flavors (chocolate fudge, crunch cookies, white chocolate cookies, banana toffee and more), or because of the soft texture that makes this snack a treat you do not want to run out of, but mainly because of the protein in each snack, which becomes Him to one who does you good in the body. Or as we say - everything you want, everything you need. Especially suitable after training, but not only;)

When it comes to sports we are allin

Our only goal is to develop quality products for you, which will help you achieve the results you dream of

Excellent taste

Our products are not only of high quality, they also taste great. Vanilla, chocolate, cookies, coffee... you will be surprised how delicious Olein is

The leading brand in sports nutrition

Our commitment to you has led us to become the largest, best-selling and strongest sports nutrition brand in Israel

Always learning new things

We are always up to date, and make sure to produce the most innovative products suitable for various sports

Quality ingredients

We make sure to use the highest quality raw materials and closely monitor the production stages of each product

Give back to society

Every year, we grant sponsorships to athletes, national teams and groups and contribute to the promotion and development of the sports industry in Israel

The Black Series
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The White Series

Peanut and caramel chocolate bar? Crunch cookies? Maybe crisp chocolate? No matter what your taste, you can be sure that allin’s taste will make you the moment. any minute. And the best part? You not only enjoy, you also do your body good with 11 grams of protein in each snack, less than one gram of sugar and only 99 calories!

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